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Choose Your Bark Park Adventure!

We offer a choice of woodlands parks to choose from: Wildwood or Bluebell.

Both parks are adjacent to one another at the same location in Rettendon, a small village in the borough of Chelmsford, Essex.

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Wildwood is 2 acres of enclosed natural woodland.

This park has one in-field car parking space with an additional twenty parking spaces located just outside its entrance gate.

There are bridges, pathways and a perimeter walk.  Benches are scattered throughout to rest and enjoy the beautiful views.  

Please note, this park is available for wheelchair use, at risk of the wheelchair user.



Bluebell is 5 acres of enclosed natural woodland and meadow.

There is in-field parking spaces for approximately 10 cars.

The majority of this park is completely shaded under a woodland canopy.  There is an adjoining meadow for you to discover, an open space to enjoy the sunshine.  Benches are scattered throughout, to enjoy a well-deserved rest!

Please note, this park is not suitable for wheelchair use.  Also note that a public footpath runs along the back perimeter of this park.

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